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Link Digital’s current approach to Drupal module selection.


We rely firstly on a clear understanding of the Drupal site’s requirements, including the performance requirements and the expected load on the site.  A module that has been proven to be effective via the direct experience of our team is always highly desirable. The following points describe tests we apply for module selection once we [more...]

Thinking about improving your Drupal site’s performance? Here are seven options to consider.


The following provides a range of areas where performance can be improved by using various caching options or server architecture improvements. We assume here that your SQL queries and the web application code are already optimised for performance. There are a number of options outlined below that will assist with supporting load surges. Our usual [more...]

Drupal Association 2013 Election Candidates – Q&A with Steven De Costa


Briefly introduce yourself, and outline what you will bring to the board of the Drupal Association. I’m the Executive Director of a digital agency in Canberra, Australia. I founded the company in 2001 and we do a lot of Federal Government work with Drupal. I have a background as a developer but now focus mostly [more...]

What can a Canberran bring to the Board of the Drupal Association


In 50 words or less (or, maybe 65)… I’ll bring a strategic marketing framework to the Board – but don’t confuse this with posters and tweets I want to help the DA define its position within a broader economic view of the IT services industry and leverage the flow of value to benefit the Drupal [more...]

Link Digital’s Executive Director, Steven De Costa, is running for a seat on the board of the Drupal Association


Yes, it’s true, and the election process for two seats on the Board of the Drupal Association is now underway. This week you can meet all of the candidates over IRC and can to follow the details posted on the Drupal Association’s election update page. I’ll post details on when I’ll be online for that [more...]

Innovative, budget friendly and dynamic: Drupal is gaining ground as the best CMS around. OpenPublic takes it’s functionality up a notch


What is OpenPublic? Maybe the first question should be “What is Drupal?”.  Drupal is a free open source content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish online content. It is secure, scalable, compliant, flexible and capable of more customisation than any one web site will ever need. OpenPublic is a [more...]

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