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Data First – A Practical Guide

About this guide To effectively structure and migrate the world’s expansive sources of knowledge into machine readable open data platforms of real value we need both technical and non technical data boffins to work together. Vast linked data platforms which span aspects of every human endeavour are on our collective horizon. The Internet of Things, [more...]

Adding hyperbole to Australian Cloud Service Panels. What happens next is amazing.


The 2014-15 financial year, particularly this latter half, is shaping up to be the year government in Australia finally starts journeying in earnest into the cloud. In the past two months alone we’ve seen stock photos of fluffy clouds blowing into articles about both Federal and State ventures. The New South Wales government for instance [more...]

A CKAN Based Data First Media Platform (DFMP) Meets the Digital Canberra Challenge


Link Digital has been selected to work on Round 3 Challenge 1 of the Digital Canberra Challenge. This is tops, but first let me share some of the information on the Challenge as sourced from What is the Digital Canberra Challenge? It is an ACT Government initiative to engage Canberra’s brightest minds to help build [more...]

Stepping out with local filmmaker Sotiris Dounoukos

Sotiris Dounoukos

After winning Best International Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival perhaps it wasn’t a surprise that the same short by Sotiris Dounoukos would also go on to win an award from the Canberra Critics Circle this week. For those that haven’t seen Un Seul Corps (A Single Body), it is a masterfully crafted story. “This beautiful, [more...]

Is CKAN fueling the growth of open data worldwide? Or, C-Kan?


The following graph from Google Trends compares interest in four of the leading open data solutions alongside interest in open data, as indicated by the use of search terms worldwide. The emergence of the CKAN open data software aligns with growth in general interest in the subject of open data. Additionally, the trend displays an [more...]

CKAN rap – open all that data!


CKAN – open all that data! Open data is fuel for the tech innovators We’re all sharing code – we’re the creators Now let’s open up the knowledge with our public data Standards for metadata so its not scattered Making it easy to build a data nation Between communities & organizations Now let me tell [more...]

Mapping Canberra’s shareable economy


I was fortunate to attend a neat event today. It was a #mapjam. The idea is that a bunch of people come together from a local area and begin to map out all the things that are happening in relation to their ‘shareable economy’. After a string of interesting introductions, speakers and facilitated discussions the [more...]

Emergent Public Goods and Public Private Partnerships


With the recent announcement of the Australian Government  that it is seeking proposals for joint private-public projects using big data, I thought it would be timely to add to the discussion by posting a clip of Nicholas Gruen outlining his thoughts on Government as Impresario. The AGIMO blog lists a number of articles associated with big [more...]

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